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1. Dear Cherry, I am writing to show my appreciation
of your help over the last few months. After years of
osteoarthritis related knee pain, I (and my gp) had ran
out of ideas to solve the issues I was encountering. As
a 70-something year old I was very sceptical when it was
suggested I try acupuncture but it was to my amazement
that even after my very first visit the pain relief was
already apparent. Further visits made my knees much more
comfortable and I now look forward to the new less
frequent visits that continue my pain relief. Many
thanks for your help and I look forward to seeing you
again soon.

Kind Regards, John Edwards.

2. In January 2006 I suffered from (condition)
It was so severe that every day I dreaded getting
out of bed because I would spend the whole day
thinking that I was going to die. I couldn't go
outside the boundary of my home on my own and was
unable to work and would not want to be left on
my own.

By September 2006 I reached such a state that I had
to try to do something other than take medication as
I was unable to continue and felt I was getting
progressively worse. In desperation for help my wife
looked through yellow pages for possible alternative
treatments and I decided to try acupuncture.

My first week of acupuncture consisted of three sessions.
I have to say that after the first week of treatment I had
made tremendous improvements. I continued to have
weekly treatments and within 2 months I was able to come
completely off medication and I was able to return to
work in the early part of 2007. My doctor could not
believe that I felt well enough to be able to return to
work. I now have acupuncture every 2 - 3 months.
I am confident that having acupuncture was the turning
point in my (condition) and currently feel that I have
made a full recovery.

My personal details are withheld for obvious reasons,
however I am willing to talk and share my experience with
anyone needing help. Please pass your contact details to
Cherry Cross who can then pass them to me and I will get in

3. Having been diagnosed in 2002 with
(condition) I was becoming increasingly desperate
to find something that would help alleviate the pain
levels. I had been through all the conventional strong
painkiller drugs, none of which were totally effective
and some which left me with a stomach ulcer.

I found Cherry on the internet and booked my first
session in July of 2009. We had a nice long chat about my
medical history and I opened up about many emotional
issues which had plagued my life. All had a bearing on my

By the fourth session I felt much better, the painful
areas were eased considerably and I had more energy and
vitality. By the sixth session I was able to tell Cherry
that I had done a two mile walk with my husband, the
furthest I'd walked without fatigue or pain in years.

Cherry would work on specific points within her treatment
with amazing results and the treatments are now spaced to
every four weeks.

I cannot recommend Acupuncture enough and all my friends
have noticed how much more alive I look and feel, none
more so than my husband who says he now has his wife back.

Acupuncture is a very effective therapy and I can fully
recommend Cherry Cross and her wonderful approach
to her healing work.

4. When I first met Cherry, I had been suffering
from (condition), for about four years. I
had come to the end of the road with some of
the western medication I had been prescribed.

It was my hospital consultant who suggested that I
had some acupuncture, as she had seen previous
patients respond well to this treatment. The
acupuncture I have received from Cherry has not only
helped me cope with the withdrawal from some of the
western medication, but has also kept my disease

I now feel like a different person as the quality of
my life has returned after four years. Friends and
family often comment on this. The latest hospital
tests show that my (condition) has been significantly
reduced over the past year.

In a nut shell Cherry's acupuncture has helped me
both physicaly and emotionaly on the way to a full

- Clare Edwards

5. I decided to try Acupuncture because after
three years of conventional treatment for my
(condition) I was still left suffering.

When I met Cherry for the first time, I immediately
felt comfortable. She is a very good listener and
over the course of a few sessions she patiently
developed a treatment which has helped me in so
many ways.

I know that my treatment with Cherry has given me a
better quality of life. I am now able to look forward
and have confidence that my progress will continue.
If anyone would like to discuss my treatment, please
contact Cherry for my email address.

call: 07979 743289 or
e.mail: acupuncture@cherrycross.co.uk

Cherry Cross B.A. Lic.Ac. Clin Ac. China




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